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System Snapshot for Micro Focus ALM Software

Change Tracking Comes To ALM

Organizations implement custom roles, permission sets, workflows, reports and rules within ALM to allow the software to support their software development efforts. Without an effective way to manage this information, ALM becomes more difficult to operate. System Snapshot for Micro Focus ALM provides essential tools to capture, inspect and compare over 15 different sets of configuration items, including

  • user groups, assignments and permissions
  • field settings and transition rules
  • lists and dependencies
  • report queries and settings
  • workflow code

System Snapshot can serve a system of record that facilitates discussions with project stakeholders, and creates essential documentation for verifying compliance with organizational access rules. Snapshots are stored in Microsoft Excel format, which allows them to be easily shared outside of ALM.

Fig 1 : Project summary showing change trends and recent snapshots

Fig 1: Project summary showing change trends and recent snapshots


Incremental Backups Not Enough

As a best practice, most organizations back up their ALM repository filesystems and databases every day, incrementally. This is essential for the preservation of data for disaster recovery purposes.

However, incremental backups are ineffective for change tracking:

  • Daily backups only capture one image a day, and changes can occur more frequently than that
  • Incremental backups make it nearly impossible to know when a change occurred without restoring multiple backups
  • Restoring backups is cumbersome and time-consuming and requires DBA support

System Snapshot provides an intuitive UI that makes creating and comparing snapshots a breeze, without the need for IT or DBA support.

Fig 2 : Snapshot detail showing workflow code compared to production

Fig 2: Snapshot detail showing workflow code compared to production


QC Project Insight

Project Insight for Quality Center lets administrators save time, avoid mistakes and understand their QC/ALM deployment. Now available at the MicroFocus AppDelivery Marketplace.

QC Project Insight lets project administrators understand their project settings and configuration at a glance, saving time and eliminating the need to check settings in multiple Project Customization panels, and avoiding configuration mistakes.


  • project statistics such as # of releases, requirements, tests, runs and defects
  • instant view to user and group mappings in the entire project
  • instant view to group permissions for adding, modifying or deleting entities
  • instant view to groups permissions for field updates
  • printing support