Project Insight for Micro Focus ALM

With hundreds of settings and thousands of configuration permutations, it can be a challenge for project owners and administrators to visualize and validate their configurations, or even understand dependencies between settings.

  • view users, groups, mappings and permission settings
  • view field attributes, content and dependencies
  • view projects lists and field dependencies
  • view field transition rules in a consolidated group view
  • view reports, graphs and their property structures

Version 3.1 introduces several exciting new capabilities for ALM administrators

Workflow Visualizer

We've introduced the first diagramming tool specifically designed for ALM workflow, making it easier than ever to see workflow structure, dependencies and jump to any subroutine or function in a single click.


Workflow Code Search

We've introduced the first code search tool to locate fields to your ALM code quickly and easily.


User Administration

Project Insight now lets you to manage users quickly from your ALM project,with 4 new tools : user import, user reassign, user copy from project, and user remove.


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