Project Insight For Micro Focus ALM - Subscription

Project Insight For Micro Focus ALM - Subscription


Project Insight speeds up the administration and customization process by providing convenient, consolidated reporting on ALM customizations and settings. And with the convenient exporting features, this information can be readily shared with managers and other stakeholders.

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Product Description

With hundreds of settings and thousands of configuration permutations, it can be a challenge for project owners and administrators to visualize and validate their configurations, or even understand dependencies between settings.

As a planning tool, Project Insight saves countless hours in meetings and exchanging emails by providing a concise view to the customizations or changes being planned. Showing configuration settings and their dependencies, including potential impact of change.

As a management tool, Project Insight provides an intuitive workflow for inspecting project configurations before and after changes have been made. With the exporting capabilities, configuration information can be quickly and easily shared with other stakeholders for quick approval or feedback.


view users, groups, mappings and permission settings
view field attributes, content and dependencies
view projects lists and field dependencies
view field transition rules in a consolidated group view
view reports, graphs and their property structures
printing support

New in Version 3.0

new user interface with improved navigation, filters and other settings
improved performance on project summary page
"common modules" toolbar for quicker access to most popular modules
view mail condition rules and recipients
export views to Microsoft Excel and/or text files (registration required)
unique dual-window code editor to streamline code debugging
Code / Code Comparison to inspect and compare workflow and SQL code